Tempest Security Intelligence successfully completed the acquisition of EZ-Security, one of the country’s leading companies in integrating technology products into cyber security. The business expands Tempest’s operations and creates the largest cyber security company in Brazil.

With the acquisition, EZ-Security becomes the Business Unit responsible for integrating cyber security technology from Tempest, which also offers Consulting, Managing Security Services, Threat Intelligence and Digital Fraud Products.

Tempest CEO Cristiano Lincoln Mattos — The cyber security market has been growing steadily, and has been marked by strong demand for customer convergence of solutions. Thus, the integration of cyber security technologies is essential to compose a comprehensive portfolio, and within our growth strategy, we have already been seeking this type of action to complement our consulting portfolio, managed services, and products. After analysing the market, we concluded that it would make more sense to bring in a company that already had consolidated history and expertise and, most importantly, alignment in the essence and purposes. We found it all at EZ-Security. There is a lot of complimentary capabilities in the solutions that the companies offer, as well as their commitment to the ideas proposed. The business has everything to succeed and generate many opportunities for our employees, customers, suppliers and investors.

Fernando Silva, CEO of EZ-Security, responsible for the Business Unit for integrating cyber security technology at Tempest, there was a desire at EZ-Security for growth and expansion in other areas. We knew that despite our leadership in the cyber security technology integration market, to accelerate our growth, we would need a considerable amount of technology and resources to be competitive in consulting and other information security services. In the search for a path, we met the shareholders of Tempest and during the conversations, we saw that there was great possibility of synergy and success in the new business. We are confident that it will be advantageous for everyone.

Tempest now has offices in Recife, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and London, with sales exceeding R$100 million, 280 employees and more than 250 active clients in countries such as Brazil, England, Switzerland and the United States, as well as in Latin America .